ALL-UP Diva所属アーティスト『Fumina』のアイキャッチ画像

Singer Profile-Fumina


— 声楽出身のハイトーンヴォイスを得意とするシンガー。クラシック×ポップスのクラシカルクロスオーバーが中心で、そこに和のテイストを加えたジャンルで、神秘的でありながらも遊び心を忘れない、そんな雰囲気が新しく、どこか懐かしさも感じさせる。 また、三重県出身で三重の神社仏閣や観光地などを巡る旅番組のMCを務める中で感極まって各地で即興ソングを披露する場面もあり、親しまれている。今後、各地のPRソング制作にも力を入れ活動していく様子にも注目していきたい。
2022年5月、ALL-UP Diva第4弾アーティストとして参画。

II want to bring you mystical, new music!

She is a singer who studied the classical field and specialized in high-tone voice. Her music is the mainly classical crossover of classical and pop music. To this genre, she adds a Japanese flavor, mysterious yet playful, which gives it a new and somewhat nostalgic atmosphere. She is from Mie Prefecture and was the MC for a local travel show. She composed and sang instantly at each location and was very popular. It will be interesting to see how she works to produce PR songs for various regions in the future.
In May 2022, he will be the fourth artist to join ALL-UP Diva.

ALL-UP Diva運営コメント




The first impression that may come to mind is that she is good-looking and neat, but she may betray you in a good way.

The expressive skills she has acquired through her work as an MC and actress have further polished her musical expression.

She is also a singer of note for her skills, such as improvising compositions using her talent to play by ear.

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