【Q001】ALL-UP Divaって何ですか?


It is a grand project launched with the hope of encouraging our society, which has been severely limited by the corona pandemic, with music and delivering vitality to life. To adapt to the rapidly changing times, we are a next-generation music label that completes everything online, supporting music activities from anywhere in the world and delivering the voices of divas.


ALL-UP Divaではアジアの音楽エンターテイメントを世界にお届けするため、日本、中国、台湾、韓国、フィリピン、タイの現地シンガーによる楽曲を取り扱っています。音楽のジャンルは幅広く配信いたします。

ALL-UP Diva offers music by local singers from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand in order to bring Asian music entertainment to the world. We offer a wide range of music genres.



We accept self-recommendation, recommendation by others, and scouting for participation in the label. If you would like to distribute your own original song, please send us a free-form sound source and your profile picture via Twitter DM. Or send us an email to the following address. info@all-up-diva.com



There is no charge for this service. Please do not worry.


ALL-UP Divaは後発参入ですので、少し変わった取り組みを行っています。オンラインに特化している点やグローバルリリースの他に、様々な業界の企業と提携することで、レーベルベネフィットを高めていきます。現在は、不動産業界と美容業界にて手数料75%オフ(賃貸と売買)やカット無料などのサービス提携があり、今後、飲食業界や観光業界、保険業界などでコラボしていく予定です。

Since ALL-UP Diva is a late entrant into the market, we are taking a slightly different approach. In addition to our online focus and global release, we will increase our label benefits by partnering with companies in various industries. Currently, we have service partnerships in the real estate and beauty industries that include 75% off commissions (for rentals and sales) and free haircuts, and we plan to collaborate with the restaurant, tourism, and insurance industries in the future.


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